Royden goes to China

av Emelie James

I don’t bother writing this entry in both Swedish and English, so English it is.

Royden goes to China today, he’s busy boarding the plane as I type. He’ll be back on Saturday, just in time for the babyshower, if everything goes well. Last time he came back one day late due to delays and what not. I hope nothing like that will happen this time.

We finished off the baby room today. Or, Royden finished painting while I was busy being dizzy on the couch. Anywho, the baby room is now white instead of chocolate and terra cotta colored and the furniture are in place. It looks so big and airy now without all the tools and rubbish. He also put our new bedroom lights up – it looks fantastic.

It will, however, be hard to be on my own this week. I’m gonna try and keep busy with all kinds of artsy stuff, and also preparing for Saturday. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m now in my way back from town, I came with to see Royden off by the airport express train. Both of us were probably trying to look as though this is nothing to worry about and that he’ll be back before we know it. How gullible adults can be sometimes. I’ll try and stay up later than I usually do tonight so that I fall asleep quickly. I don’t want to be alone in our big bed for longer than I have to.

I’m gonna miss you, love. It aches already.